St Hippolyt Feed


Equigard is designed for horses that need feed low in sugar and starch (<10% combined). It is suitable for horses with EMS, laminitis, Cushing's and PSSM. It is available in a musli and pellets. The musli has a digestible energy of 8.5MJ/kg and the pellets 8.8MJ/kg.

  • Musli - 20kg £25

  • Pellets - 25kg £27.50

Struktur E

Struktur E is a muesli which combines oilseeds, marine algae, fruits and more than 30 herbs. It is low starch (14%) but provides enough energy for leisure or sports horses, with a digestible energy of 14MJ/kg.

  • Musli - 20kg £25

Glyx-Wiese Musli

Equigard is a muesli containing grasses and herbs from the Lake Constance region, with marigold and cornflower blossoms, oilseeds and cracked linseed. There are no molasses, grains or alfalfa used, so it is suitable for horses with metabolic diseases. It contains 2% starch and 7.5% sugar with a digestible energy of 8.5MJ/kg

  • Musli - 15kg £20

Glyx-Wiese Heucobs

Heucobs contain a variety of different herbs and grasses from the Lake Constance area. They can be used as an alternative to roughage or to enhance the roughage. They must be fed soaked and have a digestible energy of 7.9MJ/kg.​

  • Pellets - 25kg £18.50

Hesta-Mix Light

Hesta-Mix Light is a muesli designed for very good doers such as Haflingers, Icelandic, Fjord and Shetland ponies. It is low in energy but rich in micronutrients. It contains 12.7% starch and 8.7% sugar, with a digestible energy of 10MJ/kg. This feed is a special order item, so please contact me if you are interested.

  • Musli - 20kg £26


Beste Jahre

Beste Jahre is a muesli which is rich in fibre and ideal for sensitive and older horses as well as gently feeding up emaciated horses or those prone to colic. It contains 22.8% starch, 8.3% sugar and a digestible energy content of 11MJ/kg. This feed is a special order item, so please contact me if you are interested.

  • Musli - 20kg £20

Luzerne Mix

Luzerne Mix is a dried product made from alfalfa and whole crop green oats. It is rich in amino acids, crude fibre and fat. It has a sugar and starch content of 9% with a digestible energy of 10.5MJ/kg.

  • Chaff- 20kg £20

Glyx-Wiese Senior Faser

Senior Faser can be used to enhance roughage, as well as for feeding to horses with dental issues. The fibres are chopped and contain a coating of linseed and sunflower oil. It has a digestible energy of 8.5MJ/kg. This feed is a special order item, so please contact me if you are interested.

  • Chaff - 15kg £17


Sempermin is a vitamin and mineral muesli, which can be used to supplement feed or fed as a complete meal if the horse receives hay only. It has a starch content of 6.2% and a sugar content of 10%. This feed is a special order item, so please contact me if you are interested.

  • Musli - 15kg £33



Linustar is a cracked linseed under a patented procedure, which ensures a shiny coat, supports the bowel function and will protect the gastric mucosa. To help protect the stomach, soak the linustar in water approx. 80oC for about 25 minutes and then feed. To help the rest of the gut, just feed it dry. 

  • 3kg tub £14.50

  • 25kg bag £59


MicroVital is a trace element and vitamin booster, which can be used in a situation where there is increased demand for trace elements. Examples include coat changing, stress situations, breeding, high levels of performance, and old age.

  • 3kg  tub £44


Equilizer is a herbal preparation containing ginseng, melissa and chamomile, essential fatty and amino acids, as well as vitamin B12. It is a doping-free 'anti -stress supplement' which fills gaps in the nutrient supply of the nervous system. The function of the nerves is stabilised and the horses remain calmer.

  • 1kg tub £26

  • 2.5kg tub £62


Movicur offers a high-quality supplement for physically strained sport horses, young horses and retired senior horses, to help promote unimpeded movement. It helps to counter the loss of elasticity and the progressive degeneration of the articular cartilage. The thinning of synovial fluid can be slowed down or largely prevented.

  • 10kg tub £92.50